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In general:

It is transformed in the dream a little bit, this means that the picture has a bigger meaning than the dream symbol. Conversion mostly indicates to be surrounded by light, and this assumes a special, divine interpretation. Such a dream can appear when the dreaming goes through a change phase in his life. Conversion is a phenomenon which appears by changes of the consciousness stage. It is, as if a light occurs in the personality and changes this. The appearance of conversions in the dream points to the fact that the dreaming realises his mental power.


A selfstrengthening effect appears at the dream work: If one notes the first change with himself, their deliberate perception strengthens other and perhaps more radical changes. To ascertain such desired changes with himself, one can fall back again on his dreams. Our dreams illustrate any psychic change of the dreaming, one must look at them only exactly as a result. Personality changes or behavioral changes in the everyday life appear first in the dream often by an appearance of new and up to now unknown symbols. There, for example, typical change symbols appear or returning symbols which one did not find before in his dreams. The following pictures belong to the typical change symbols:
  • The excess of a bridge and every situation in which one reaches to the other shore or in a new country. The entrance of new territory, confrontation with the stranger or finding an up to now unknown room in a house.
  • The caterpillar and the butterfly, the Häutung of the queue or the bird as a picture of the connection of sky and earth.
Of course there still is even more of such change symbols, but after my experience can be led back most of these symbols on cited four symbolic groups.

1. The achievement of the other shore:

Always when we change in the dream of a place to a new place, that of an internal change corresponds. We leave our old position which is symbolised by the place at which we are in the dream to reach to a new position which characterises the internal place on which we would want hinbewegen. Look at the new place exactly, because he points you symbolically where you develop. An archetypal picture of this situation shows the bridge about which one crosses the gulch or the wild water to reach to the other shore. We find this picture in legends and the mythology, if, for example, the lance plumb line - a knight of king Artus Tafelrunde - who must cross sword bridge to find Meliagaunce - the seducer of his beloved Guinevra - to fight with him. Lance plumb line with his shade argues with it, because he himself has also enticed Guinevra, although she is the woman of his king. A re-orientation and change always begins with the confrontation with own shade. We know the picture of the bridge also from the Koran which describes the hell. That bridge is as narrow as a hair and only the fair can cross you to reach in a new, heavenly state. C. G. Jung covers the symbol of the bridge to the unsafe places in our consciousness which is threatened again and again by the burglaries of our unconscious. It is important to cross the bridge and to come on the other side. All the same as difficult this may also be, try anyway with such a dream to reach the other shore. Does not succeed you even in the dream, then use the strength of the day dream technology, while you fancy this dream once again as accurate as possible, however, him allow to end positively with the achievement of the other shore. Take before - maybe in the form of an affirmation - if this dream symbol appears again to cross the bridge really and to come on the other side. This is valid not for the vision bridge, but for every situation in the dream with which you go from a known place to a new place. The arrival is important. Whether the crossing to the new is described by a bridge, a street or a trip with any means of transportation, always pay attention exactly to the state of the bridge or street or the elective means of transportation. At the beginning of a psychic change the bridge may still be narrowly like in the Koran or with lance plumb line sword bridge, the bridge may be also in need of repair or fluctuating. This is due to the fact that the dream can foresee changes in awareness which is not so strengthened current consciousness of the dreamer, however, yet to go through this change without problems. Take in your daydreaming before to make the bridge surer, more solidly and broader. Best we remain as we are, and every personal change is felt by us as menacing. Anyway bridges like all crossings are places of the danger. Pay attention to symbols which symbolise crossings to something other and new and try to stabilise with affirmations and the day dream technology these crossings and to strengthen with which you prepare the crossing to new a way also in your inside.

2. The unknown space or the unknown country in the dream:

Every new territory which we enter in the dream is a symbol for new possibilities. Very often we find a new room in a house known to us or we travel in a country unknown to us. If it is now the unknown room or country, always is to be paid attention to how this country or room can be characterised. Remember such a dream, it is advisable to look at the new place exactly. Who can consciously dream, that should stop first of all his internal film and look as the new room is furnished and which atmosphere emits it. If it concerns an unknown country, every detail which characterises this country should be seen as a symbolic tip to new life possibilities. Proceed once again in this dream and exactly look now the room or country. It depends not on the fact that you keep as accurate as possible to your dream, but you can decorate to your imagination after the room or the country. Nevertheless, it is important that this does not happen from your head and your wishes here, but that you hand over the vision of your imagination and look as she develops the picture for you.

3rd caterpillar, butterfly and queue:

The caterpillar becomes the butterfly, the queue peels. With it caterpillar, butterfly and queue show widespread archetypal pictures of the personal transformation process. If the caterpillar appears in our dreams, points to a change process begun scarcely and would maybe like to say us that we cocoon ourselves first of all, that is must move back to become the light butterfly. Who dreams of a caterpillar, should try with the day dream technology to make a butterfly from this caterpillar and then identify with the butterfly. With it the dreaming at the symbolic level has carried out the conversion - and what we carry out at the symbolic level, we can move this also in the everyday life lighter. If we see a butterfly in the dream, the personal transformation process seems to be progressed quite wider. From the ugly and greedy caterpillar the butterfly who can move freely and easily has become. Just we feel light, movable and nice after our change. We may not have come yet in this point, but the dream gives us at least one view where the development goes. This positive view of our future is often necessary as a strengthening, because if we have got a taste of the beauty and freedom of our aim, this strengthens our staying power on the way there. The queue is absolutely one of the most complicated symbols in the dream of western people. She may seem female or male, be toxic or welfare-bringing. For our consideration here it is of particular importance that the queue can slip, so to speak, of her skin and a new skin forms. Exactly this marks human change by which one often has the feeling to slip of an old skin. Exactly look the queue. Which colour has them, for example? Do you see the new or old queue skin? The symbolic value of the colour of the queue skin is able to give to you an instruction, from where you come or where you are proceeded. Realise about that, from where the queue came, and where she has disappeared again. Differently than the butterfly the queue stands for the human desires. The Häutung of the queue is a change in the propelling structure. At the same time the queue shows a Kaltblütler very far away to the person with which the person can communicate only very hard., Among the rest, with it it is expressed that our change processes tramp us incomprehensibly. We can recognise you, but not understand.

4. Other change symbols:

Every symbol owns a variety of possibilities to show changes in the life. It is no chance that you have dreamt just that and no other symbol. If nothing at all occurs to you purely to your dream symbol, then consider three qualities which characterise this symbol appropriately. now you cover these qualities to yourselves - this will help you absolutely. Changes become also apparent by the fact that the kind of the symbolism changes - namely often before changes become conscious. A woman who was arrested very much in the negative thinking and with which every physical touch generated defence had dreamt before the therapy remarkably often of cars. The vision 'car' characterises very appropriately her situation, because it concerned a passenger car in which you always sat alone. Better the isolation cannot be put by the remaining world in scene. In spite of all isolation, and this this picture also makes clearly - nevertheless, this woman remained movable. When the therapy started to work successfully, a change became apparent in your dream symbolism. Now it was at place of the cars the water which came to the fore piled up as a lake, as a river, as a sea or only in the bath in her dreams. In this case water as an archetypal picture for the feeling indicated an emotional opening of the dreamer who had not perceived you yourselves at all.


At the spiritual level conversion can be called in the dream that the dreaming realises his media abilities.


With the conversion dreams one must pay attention first to the quantity, secondly on the quality and thirdly to the external appearance. To the quantity: It is favorable if one which is from small growth dreams, of becoming big or of outgrowing his natural shape, however only if he does not cross the normal size of a person. (According to antique image supernatural size or beauty comes up only to the gods and heroes.) The dream face does not announce because a physical wax, but an increase of the enterprises and the property relations of the dreaming. Against it it means to him the death if he looks to himself in supernatural size, - somebody dreams, his child who was just still small, has grown up into the man, this will die. It is a bad portent for an old person if he changes into a child, - it means the death to him. A good portent against it is to be become it for a man, the youth, for a youth, to the boy. Both move to the tender age. Luck makes to a boy change into a youth, to a youth, in a man, and a man, in an old man. Since each of them comes to the more honourable age. If a youth falls ill to an old man, he will not die, like the boy, but. If a man changes into a boy, he will suffer by thoughtless shops losses. Appropriately says the writer's word: 'Always is to youths her heart of fully fluttering carelessness.' (Homer: Iliad 3,108) with the quality of the conversion behaves it as follows: If a man changes into a woman, is for arms and a slave a good portent. One will find like a woman a breadwinner whom other must slave at his slave work less, - then the works of the women are less strenuous. For empires, however, it is of evil, particularly if he stands in the political life, - then for usual prevail and switch the women in the house. So the dream face will exclude him from all higher offices. It means to sportsmen illness, - then women are from more tender nature than men. If a woman changes into a man, she will marry, if she is unmarried, she is childless, a boy bear, and in this manner she moves to the male nature. If she has a man or a son, she will decide as a widow her life, - then the man needs not the man, but the woman. Of a slave this dream experience puts on an even heavier slave yoke, a Hetäre against it brings it to luck. One will have to slave even longer like a man who are taken up other constantly. If somebody dreams, it is a man or woman to be of silver or gold, he will be sold, if he is a slave, so that he is offset with silver or gold, a pauper will come to wealth, so that gold and silver surround him, however, a judge will be put out to posters because all gold and silver numerous rogues attracts to everybody, however, suffer prophesied the dream face with certainty the death, also if one believes to have become ore, - only the athlete and the slave are excluded, - erstere will gain a victory and get a statue, the latter are released. Since from ore are the statues of the open air who is donated as a Weihgeschenke. The same means it if somebody sees his picture or his statue from ore on public marketplace put up. The conversion in iron against it prophesies intolerable strokes of fate, - nevertheless, the dreaming will get over them and reach an old age. Since we call people of iron those which have endured many adversities. If one dreams of having become loam or tone, each threatens the death, excluded the people who earn her living with tone or loam. If one believes to have become marble, indicates to the dreaming wounds and injuries, - then without iron tools nobody can be hit in marble. Accordingly one has to judge if it concerns the conversion in another material. If somebody changes into an animal, one must go out from the nature of the same and meet accordingly the interpretation. Are luck-promising further after my experience beauty, noble growth and physical strength, provided that they do not cross human measure, then somebody dreams of being unusual nice, stately or strong, it means the same, as if one believes to be weak nastily or paralyzed or. Everything brings the death, healthy feebleness and Siechtum to sick people. Every envelope to the better is a happy sign for empires, even if one changes into a God, - besides, nothing may only be an insufficient. Thus somebody dreamt, he has become Helios and goes in the shine of eleven sunrays above the marketplace. He was chosen the mayor of his town and died, after he had administered this office eleven months because the number of the rays was not vollzählig. (The sun-god has twelve rays.)



  • you makes an astonishing discovery.

(European ones).:

  • see themselves something: points to a sudden change of the life to the good or bad, depending on whether the dream was pleasant or frightening.


  • become: you will go on a trip.

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