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In general:

They expel appearance in the dream late people, as a rule to the strong positive or negative emotions which the dreaming has experienced in connection with these people. An occasion for such dreams cannot be yet processed feelings of guilt or aggressions. To dream in this manner of deads, is the only possibility to put a final line under the respect still afterwards.


For years recollections can be 'buried' in the unconscious, and the dreaming is often reminded of other times, places or relations if in the dream people appear who have died. This helps him to manage better with the present. Who sees a dead in the dream, expects or searches in the awake life advice which could be helpful. Such a dream often announces also healing of illness or rescue from a danger.


If one dreams of people who have died, this can point to a connection of own spirituality with longest forgotten forefathers.



  • see: operate with many people,
  • speak: One gets something informed by which one is protected or is promoted. Also long-preserved hope can come to her fulfilment.

(European ones).:

  • glad news and the fulfilment of long-preserved hopes, - brings mostly unexpected help or rescue from difficult situation.


  • see: your hopes will come true.
(See also corpse, death, urn)

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