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Association: - Fear of letting go. Question: - What do I hold back?

In general:

The blockage which does not explain itself body-partly by constipation can symbolise in the figurative sense the inclination to stinginess or the inability to show feelings openly. It is difficult to give something, now these are material or mental-spiritual values. She translates the psychic selfpoisoning, persisting on a wrong position.


With the blockage as a dream symbol one holds on wishes and fears (especially also subliminal and impulsive needs) and does not express them. One does not let go them and not out. There is also the spiritual blockage which point to stiff thoughts and in the extreme on compulsive thought (fixed ideas).


(European ones).:

  • if not as purely physical reminder (chair urge) to understand, then very often sign for excessive stinginess.
(See also defecation, excrements, excrement, toilet)

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