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Betrayal / betrayer

In general:

Indicates to dream of a betrayer that the dreaming deals unconsciously with underhandedness. This can refer to another person or on own personality shares by which the dreaming is disappointed. He feels that his graduations particularly are not estimated by other people.


If the trust of the dreaming is abused in the dream by other people, and he thereby experiences a disappointment, he is maybe aware of the fact that the disappointment occurred in connection with the common faith.


At the spiritual level it is to be denied betrayal, the original, own faith.



  • see themselves as one: you want to commit a dishonourable action,
  • see: your secret is not sure any more.

(European ones).:

  • see one: Enemies wait only to use to one,
  • by somebody are called such or see themselves so: one will experience little pleasant,
  • become: one will get a new friend,
  • commit in a person himself: soon suffer a financial or professional damage, - also: by a carelessness one threatens to get in a difficult situation.


  • commit: by your own guilt you come to a disagreeable situation, - your worries will increase,
  • become: your worries decrease, - end of all affliction.

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