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In general:

If the dreaming is obliged in his dream compared with a dream figure to something, he is reminded with it of his innate sense of duty. Maybe he feels that he has done something for other or must act that he deeply does not hold in his inside for adequate.


If the dreaming thinks of the obligations which other people have towards him, he must be sure that he forces in a certain situation nobody upon his wills.


At the spiritual level obligation in the dream can be a warning that it makes sense a little to follow the spiritual way from an obligation.


(European ones).:

  • commit themselves to any thing: the unthinking discomfort prepares more different for a grief, - Somebody demands somewhat of one what is to be given one not determined. One remains with his entitled refusal.
  • other towards be obliged: no good sign,
  • other commit themselves compared with one: one is respected by friends and friends.

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