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Association: - Leave behind isolation, - an old, - freeing from the control old. Question: - Which part of myself is I to be left behind ready?

In general:

Desolation shows the feeling in the dream not to be wanted or to be rejected. It maybe does not return exactly as this feeling of the desolation has come about, however, it concerns in most cases crude experiences from the past. For example, somebody who had to go as a child in the hospital can repeat this traumatic experience of the desolation as an adult in the dream always on the new one. Abandonment feel stands for isolation which one must break through. If one leaves somebody, feelings and other psychic contents appear in it of which one has freed himself without substituting for them already with new contents.


In the dream desolation can mean that for the dreaming freedom looks. On this occasion, it can concern emotional freedom or to express itself the freedom in such a way as one is.


At the spiritual level desolation in the dream embodies the old fear of the person of the Getrenntheit.



  • Your love is in danger.

(European ones).:

  • feel: small life joys and dear joys are ruined,
  • become: one has difficulties to lay the foundation-stone for the future success,
  • others leave: unfavorable conditions will increase for one,
  • leave own house: one will have worries because one risks the luck,
  • the darling: one will not get back lost objects of value any more, and the friends will turn away from one,
  • a lover: one will make a big inheritance,
  • leave the religious way: one will get problems,
  • children: one will lose his property by missing calmness and missing judgment property,
  • give up the business: points to saddening circumstances, - there will be quarrel and suspicion,
  • see counting or a friend a ship: announces that one is possibly involved in a bankruptcy, - nevertheless, one reaches to the coast, the interests will remain protected.


  • be: you have loyal friends.

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