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if sell / shop assistants

Association: - Service, - availability. Question: - What would like I to make a part of my life?

In general:

A dream in which one was a shop assistant (in) can mean that one would like to 'sell' something also in the awake life: maybe a plan, an idea, a project? Or to itself? If one buys, however, himself somewhat from the dream shop assistant (in): Was this trustworthy (r) or, however, had torn? Tries one maybe to buy, to himself love and affection, or does one separate from too much or too often? Is this special dream a statement to the emotional or financial security? Did one feel exploited because one was made in the dream dispose of valuable or feeling-laden possession? If so, then one makes in the life presumably too many sacrifices. Sales (en) can warn after old dream interpretation about dubious shops.


With this dream situation you should ask yourselves first once how you sell yourselves. This can be understood in two things regard: How you present yourselves, or for the purposes of the fist broad sales of the soul. Sell something in the dream or you are a witness of sales, then you should pay attention especially to the sold object or to the sold service. She symbolises because of what you should get rid - these are mostly qualities or feelings. In the deeper sense is also expressed in the fact that one betrays convictions and ideals to attain a material advantage, thereby, however, does not become contented and happy.


Are offered to the sales prophesied to people luck who wish a change of her present relations, e.g., slaves and arms, - evil against it empires and men in a position of trust. Many were also sold really. The come about sales differ from the offer by the fact that the sales come true always and in any case, the offer, however, sometimes also not, - then it is possible that, nevertheless, the quite offered product is not sold. Also it is with all other Traumgesichten: What has happened, comes true in any case what is only in the development, maybe or not at all.



  • worries and need, - you make a bad deal.

(European ones).:

  • warns about bad, unreal shops which one should possibly avoid, - one will make a bad exchange,
  • are sold: well for those which live in poverty - for the empires or sick people it is unfavorable.


  • something: you carry on unfair business.
(See also businessman)

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