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get lost

Association: - Drifting, - missing. Question: - Where in my life I lack assurance?

In general:

Get lost stands for a wrong life direction with intentions and sighting which do not stand in harmony with own personality. One will fail either or not become happy with the success.


Mostly does not translate with mental or spiritual 'itself rightly find' in the awake life. If one gets lost, for example, in a wood (see there) or in unclear area, a shade about the future probably lies, - maybe one does not know presently what one should start with his skill. Wandering around look in the dream, the agonising one and itself get lost are typical for your internal constitution. Interesting it would be to be known whether you have decided in the dream on a way to the left or to the right: on the left faces symbolically for a deviationism of right and custom, the 'right way'.



  • to itself: you will get in equivocal society, - also: one should be deflected by his decisions not from outward appearances, - vain trouble at an enterprise,
  • in the fog or in the darkness: you still have to overcome many obstacles. also: one has overlooked the affection of a valuable person up to now,
  • in the wood: one becomes in an unusual situation hineingeraten about which one will not find the way provisionally.

(European ones).:

  • announces a big embarrassment,
  • to itself: one will have an unusual experience.


  • to itself: Misery comes about you, - you will reach only after many detours to your aim.
(See also Wander around of)

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