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Arrest / arrests

Association: - enforced shutdown, - are got. Question: - Why am I afraid to be got? What would like I to bring to the shutdown?

In general:

If a dream trades of the fact that the dreaming is arrested, this points to holding back his natural self-printout by moral judgments or the question according to right and wrong by other people. If it is the dreaming who arrests another dream figure in his dream, then points this his instinctive disapproval of the part of itself which is shown in the dream with the arrested person. Arrest (arresting) can stand for feelings of guilt which explain themselves by intentions, needs and behaviour patterns which one rejects in himself, - one should analyse them and accept or change. Sometimes points out also to the fact that one brings himself from own guilt in a wrong suspicion.


Who is arrested or sees how one arrests another, should try not to blaspheme person because could fall back on him what he has intended for others. Often it concerns with this vision also this be arrested in his environment of which one himself would like to break out. From psychological view the dreaming is not sure apparently which motives lead him with a certain action about which he thinks. He must pause and think, before he steps in action.


At the spiritual level the arrest in the dream is a tip that a need for a leading authority exists.



  • become: one will hurt your honour,
  • even: big inhibitions.

(European ones).:

  • of another see or arrange: one will find out that one has not succeeded in deceiving others,
  • become: you are suspected for no reason,
  • looking strangers are arrested decently: the wish to cause changes will perform from the fear thwarts to refuse, - this the employed opposition: one will complete the new enterprise.


  • become: you come for no reason to wrong suspicion.
(See also 'prison', police ',' authority's people "among" people')

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