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Magnifying glass

In general:

If an object, a situation or a person is increased in the dream, the dreaming should be drawn the attention exactly to it. If he uses a magnifying glass, this refers to the fact that he should do this what he has consciously decided before on. The object under the magnifying glass must be made a part of his everyday life.


If to the dreaming becomes clear all of a sudden that the magnifying glass is important, and that at what he looks by it through he does not recognise his abilities and his power in a certain situation.


At the spiritual level the magnifying glass means in the dream that the dreaming must take his behaviour exactly under the magnifying glass if he wants to make headway on the way of the spiritual development further.


(European ones).:

  • one is to be made in the concept from a mosquito an elephant, - walks towards the worries with trust and they will soon be past,
  • Dreaming a woman of a magnifying glass, it is soon confronted with cunning and wrong statements, - such incidents possibly end in tragic scenes and separation.

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