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Poisoning / poison


Poisoning often symbolises negative feelings, expectations and settings which influence the whole life unfavorably, for example, hatred or fear. Partly this state can be mastered only psychotherapeutically. Sometimes indicates also the wish to solve problems and conflicts in an easy manner with a blow what will succeed, nevertheless, not permanently, but, in the end, still aggravates the difficulties. Old dream books see behind it a warning of wilful neighbours.



  • Hearing not on the Einflüsterungen of bad people,
  • somebody: you are a cowardly, underhand person, - also: the annoyance with an unbeloved person will come to no end,
  • become: disloyal friends will soon turn away from one and not shrink back to add to a damage.

(European ones).:

  • a forcible solution of problems never is from real duration and effect, - also: Quarrel in the family approaches, - also: a tip to the fact that one plans forbidden pleasure,
  • to itself: rush nothing,
  • are poisoned: to torment other even in the joke, no sign is for a nice soul and brings unnecessary hostility,
  • others see: one should not interfere in other people matters,
  • somebody: in a thing one will not be able to put through his hardhead.


  • are poisoned: pay attention to your neighbours and avoid them.

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