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Association: - force a union. Question: - At which place of my life do I have the feeling, my love would be rejected? To what extent am I afraid to have to unite with a little bit necessarily?

In general:

Rape can symbolise that one suppresses parts of own personality massively and thereby takes mental damage. Further she draws the attention in particular cases to the fact that one thoughtlessly passes over the needs more different or that own needs become gone over by others. Also sexual needs can be behind it, often linkedly with the strong wish to be able to dedicate itself more.


Whether in the dream the dreaming himself is violated or is present at a rape, nothing changes in the meaning of such dreams. The vision of the rape always points to a change of the instinctual life. The dreaming can realise wishes without feelings of guilt in the dream, because indifferently whether he itself before what happens fears or it herbeiwŁnscht: He can straighten nothing, because it happens by force. A man who dreams who is violated that he maybe suffers in the awake life urgently from disgrace feelings and sense of shame.



  • commit: you have secret, unfair wishes.

(European ones).:

  • one was committed in the circle of friends: one will be shocked at the misfortune of some friends,
  • Dreaming a young woman, them has become the victim of a rape, difficulties will injure her pride, and her lovers will become estranged from her.
(See also 'sexuality', 'defense')

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