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Association: - denied strength. Question: - Which part of me frightens me? Where can I express my strengths certainly?

In general:

One of the most-dreamt symbols for own fear, that one to his ideal images, hopes and claims in vain hinterherläuft.


Dreams of pursuit are exceedingly widespread like dreams of the aviation. Besides, the dreamer can also be now and then the pursuer himself, more often, however, he is not the persecutee - hunted from (often identifiable) to enemies or monsters. It is important to identify the symbol which pursues to one, but one remembers over and over again that it is not what it seems to be. Maybe it is an image or fear, for example, the fear of unemployment - or also a dear partner, sexual insecurity, a house or something that one intends to buy. One can be the pursuer as well as the persecutee - or even both! - if the ambition to one floats and searches the success. Also this are hunted by a feeling is conceivable, possibly one that one shows in the awake life of himself. One been says that almost every dream of this kind means a conflict - and who pursues or what to one, something is with which one identifies subconsciously, even if one abhors it in the consciousness. Such a dream one should always examine himself closer. In addition one fancies before going to bed the direct confrontation with the pursuer and that one requires information, why one is pursued.


(European ones).:

  • friends offer to one her support in a thing. It is better to be accepted.
(See also are pursued of)

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