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are pursued

Association: - Be on the heels. Question: - What would like to be close to me? To whom am I ready to be close?

In general:

To be pursued or the attempt to flee are two most frequent dream events. As a rule tries the dreaming of a responsibility or his feeling, to have failed to escape, - also fears or emotions which he does not finish can be meant here. Pursuit often draws the attention to defamation by others against which one must defend himself. However, maybe a feeling of guilt which one should process is behind it also. If one himself pursues somebody, one has to do a wrong which one has committed in another, try to make up, get on with him and reconcile.


Pursuit in the dream are exceedingly frequent in the most manifold variations and the unaware contents press as an apprenticeship in the consciousness which the dreamer should take to heart. They must be interpreted in such a way that the dreaming should accept that what pursues him. It concerns because almost always unaware contents which try to reach in the consciousness of the dreaming, want to suggest themselves upon him and, hence, earn attention. Who is pursued, for example, by a person of the other gender, should try to diminish his fear in the erotic area because he could become, otherwise, the right loner. The old Egyptians stated who is pursued in the dream, bad person is repeated after that. If the dreaming is pursued by shade, points this his need to escape about from one suppressed traumatic experience from the childhood. If he is pursued by an animal, this refers generally to the fact that he is not with his passion in the harmony. It can play a role which animal it concerns, besides.


At the spiritual level pursuit points in the dream to the fear of the dreaming of his own actions.



  • become: Widerwärtigkeiten, - on annoyance and defamation of character must count, - also: one should think over his present decisions in professional matters again thoroughly,
  • cannot escape: one will be able to change nothing more in the given facts.
  • pursue somebody: one runs danger to get involved in a thing which one would regret later,
  • something: a thought does not leave alone you.

(European ones).:

  • become: indicates fights, - somebody who has acted to a wrong, it tries to make up,
  • somebody: one is not able to make up for a made mistake.


  • become: one says nothing good about you,
  • pursue somebody: Rest and joy,
  • pursuers see: murky days come to the house.
(See also burglary, animals)

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