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In general:

If the dreaming is a member in an association in his dream, possibly in a sports association, he emphasises with it the right of every person to belong to a group of his choice. Association can indicate the need for contact with like-minded people. However, maybe he also asks to follow more own head, not to hear on others, even if they mean apparently well, as well as not to adapt themselves to every fashion.


The dreaming is not able psychically to be a member of a group, as long as he has not attained a certain measure in maturity. If he stays in his dream in the middle of a gathering of people, this his feel for itself can express.


Regular rituals, as they are usual in the association life, can be an important part of spiritual consciousness.



  • you wastes your time.

(European ones).:

  • belong to one: one should been in a thing not from a lot of other pure talking.
(See also club)

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