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In general:

If the dreaming dreams of revering something, for example, a person, an object or an image, he opens with it for his influence. If the dreaming is not especially religious, then sees itself, however, in the middle of a cult action, he should ask himself how he handles with a widespread religious apprenticeship or principles. Admiration (of a person or object) indicates that one should be more critical compared with foreign influence, may not submit to them simply.


Every now and then appear to the dreaming if he moves towards a higher being level, in the dream the pictures which show him in the position of the honoured. In this case he should put to himself the question whether he estimates his meaning maybe excessively high or whether he just learns to accept that part of itself which is esteemed by others. To revere an object that nothing deals with religion, could mean that the dreaming gives to that what shows the object too much attention. Thus the dreaming could turn out too materialist or attach to the sexuality to great importance.


An act of the admiration is a recognition of the strength of the faith.



  • Your love is selfish.

(European ones).:

  • pray to God: one will be able to make up for a committed mistake,
  • idols: become only slow rich or famous, because one can be deflected by matters of minor importance,
  • to somebody revere: one is guided towards another person without having checked exactly his value,
  • are revered: there remains to a friend former the favour, even if one takes socially a higher position.


  • enjoy: do not fall for flatteries.
(See also 'religious pictures')

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