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Tape is an ambiguous dream symbol, often it is put with friendship and hope in respect., Among the rest, it can appear in the following forms:
  • seeing a tape shows that one maintains good friendship or longs.
  • to holds of a tape in the hands can also point to good interpersonal relations into which one is integrated and feels secure (held).
  • success promises
  • fluttering tapes above all in material regard, or circumscribes the internal restlessness which itself can grasp happy connections once.
  • an endless tape can warn about financial obligations with which one maybe overdoes it.
  • a coloured tape deals something with the tape which man and woman combines.
  • whiteness and cordons bleu point to longing for loyal love, greens on hopes, red on forthcoming joy and black on bereavements.
  • red tapes is traditionally a connection symbol. Maybe one has with somebody 'angebandelt' and now delivers in the dream the connection wishes.
  • knotted tapes (or a ball from it) them only hard are to be disentangled say that in own life something get mixed up 'and muddled' is - one hardly knows where one should begin, actually, first to solve his problems. Now view and consequence would be asked!
  • intersected or sordid tapes are understood as a symbol for a forthcoming separation.
However, there are still many other relations in which the tapes can appear in the dreams, - they can be interpreted only individually.



  • in the wind blowing ones: promise with positive colour Success and Luck,
  • see the coloured: keep away from all dalliances,
  • hold: you will find loyal friendship,
  • see the green: nice hopes, - success, - ability of getting through,
  • the red: Dance, joy, pleasure,
  • the yellow: Annoyance,
  • the blue: loyal love,
  • the black: Grief,
  • the endless: you will incur debts,
  • measure: good salary,
  • wrap: Illness of a friend,
  • annähen: you will fall in love and get engaged,
  • twist: you will close friendship,
  • cut: the wedding stands before the door.

(European ones).:

  • or string see: warns about vanity, - good friendship,
  • dress up with tapes: one must also calculate on the fact that every wish will not come true,
  • are involved in tapes: Engagement and marriage,
  • hold: good friendship,
  • see fluttering in the wind: Luck and success,
  • endless tapes with themselves lug or see: one has too high financial obligations, - debts are incurred,
  • blue ones: loyal love,
  • greens: good hopes,
  • red ones: Pleasure,
  • black ones: Grief,
  • white ones: pure love,
  • fluttering tapes in the costume of a person: happy and good friends have,
  • Dreaming a young woman, as she dresses up with tapes, gets them the expected marriage proposal, - nevertheless, from carelessness she makes a mistake.
  • Seeing them the girls who wear ribbons stands for rivals in her efforts towards a husband.
  • she will lead
  • Buying them tapes, a pleasant and good life.
  • Annoying them itself about the tapes or displease them her, there appear the other women with whom she will divide honour and comfort in her privacy.
  • Nähband see: Their work will be remunerative unwieldy and a little,
  • buys a Mrs. Nähband: Misfortune will come up to them.


    shortly you will get to know
  • the people who understand you and
  • will estimate your skill,
  • the green: is of full hope,
  • the blue: you cannot complain of the loyalty of a person,
  • the red: you will get an invitation and talk well,
  • the yellow: you should stand you about person deeply under yourself, do not annoy,
  • the black: you will experience passing grief,
  • the white: in your surroundings one arms for the wedding,
  • the endless: you have believer, if she creates to you from the neck,
  • measure: grant other also something, master your stinginess,
  • annähen: a happy connection approaches, - it quite exists, then you can count on certainty on a harmonious marriage,
  • twist: seldom the person has a true and frank friend - strives to hold yours.
(See also string)

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