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Combustion / burn

In general:

Combustion often announces that one burns himself by premature or rash behaviour in a thing 'the fingers'. If an object is burnt, this indicates that one should process an experience, so that she loses her influence, - however, besides, the symbolic salary of the burnt object must be absolutely considered in the dream with.


What is burnt in the dream (one follows the suitable symbols), one wants to erase from his deliberate life. The combustion which expands into the blazing fire (see there) is, admittedly, something which should lead to a complete conversion of our life. If one burns himself only a little on a body part, one is pointed out to it, one may not burn himself mouth in the awake life, are quiet so rather, than to hurt, perhaps, with words others.


To be burnt vividly the same indicates to become thunderstruck. Insbeondere prophesies this Vividly, nevertheless, brainless impulses and sensuous passions are burnt, because of the composition of the expression, ill rescues, young people. ((Artemidor uses the concept syntheton here in double sense: 1.) = compound (in grammat. Sense), 2.) mixture (as a medicine))



  • in general: big pains must suffer, - Li> warns about careless promises and dubious shops,
  • to itself: you get a removal, - also: not to get involved a warning, on something what would add to a damage,
  • see something: it is in the time to clear up with a thing which loads us,
  • suffer a combustion: one deals with risky enterprises which affect extremely disadvantageously the general state of health,
  • are burnt: hot love,
  • , besides, pains suffer: bad financial losses suffer,
  • a letter: Secrets.

(European ones).:

  • others see burning: you should not condemn your people without further ado,
  • to itself: one will experience a disaster, - also by prejoke: if a sign for a valuable friendship in the life, - is a former friend whom one had lost out of sight, will step again in the life and have a great importance for one.
  • are burnt: one should not get involved in a thing in which one will burn himself the fingers, - great love is in you to the people.
  • something: if brings quarrel with the following separation, - high time an incriminating thing is to be cleared up thoroughly.
(See also flash, burning, fire)

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