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Association: - Protection, - longing for healing. Question: - Which part of myself am I ready, healthy to make? Which part want I to maintain?

In general:

If in the dream an association is put on, this one beginning healing process points and circumscribes be wounded in the awake life, - this can be due to insults which have added us another. Own failure often expresses itself in it, however, also towards other people. Maybe the difficulties have been off sick the dreaming in his life, and now he must give his whole attention to his talent to the selfhealing. If the association frees itself, he has maybe already overcome his difficulties. However, possibly he was even unadvised.


Which body part was injured in the dream and had to be protected with an association? It could be, that to connect you at this point of your body though nothing, but in your opinion would have 'to hide' something. A typical uncertainty dream of the women who (or unites?) areas of her body so ugly find that they would like to 'camouflage' him best with an association.


At the spiritual level associations, like the bandages of a mummy, preservation symbolise.



  • An engagement.


  • The linked body part needs special attention.
(See also doctor, hospital, scar, pains, wound)

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