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In general:

Vagabond sometimes embodies personal qualities which one rejects, but not edges out, but consciously should change. Contact with him shows that one has bad society which endangers the good call. If one sees himself in such a way, can announce in general an unfavorable life.


The hobo daringly by the dreamscape moves, mostly embodies the dreamer even in his urge for freedom and independence. It is roving around the soul which is described here, to Itself Anstemmen against the dishonest morality in the awake life.



  • see or speak: you must lead a miserable and sorrowful life, - also: one should take in eight not to ruin his call by the contact with dishonourable people, - you are too credulous,
  • be: you show not enough sense of honour.

(European ones).:

  • one goes away aimlessly from the normal morality compulsion, - danger as a result of conflicts,
  • one be: one lives with pleasure in a loose society and prefers a disarrayed life with little work and a lot of fun,
  • see: announced losses and bad times,
  • is or with one operate: one will get in bad society.


  • see: your future will not be particularly,
  • operate with him: you will come to bad call.

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