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Primeval forest

In general:

In the dream the primeval forest is a picture which of the mysticism and the fairy tales is descended. Often the primeval forest in the dream symbolises the chaos, - whether it is felt as positive or negative, is dependent on the circumstances in the dream. It shows the outbreaks and basic needs of the feelings which come from the unconscious. In myths the primeval forest embodies an obstacle by which one has to go through to attain a new existence. A magic wood is from similar meaning. Primeval forest announces after Old-Indian dream interpretation that worries and disappointments approach.


The primeval forest is very much a verschiedendeutiges dream symbol. On the one hand he embodies the Triebhaftigkeit, unreliability, the spontaneity and the egoism of the dreaming, on the other side is he, however, also a sign for adaptability and vitality. If the primeval forest ground is very marshy in the dream and full worms, queues and insects, the dream meaning becomes a little bit more negative. If the dreaming can make a way, however, a way by the primeval forest or becomes this brighter, are these tips to the endeavours to become more self-controlled and more responsible. If the dreaming is enclosed in the primeval forest, the negative and fear-exciting feelings from the unconscious hold prisoner him with which he has not come till present yet to the pure one. If to the dreaming is aware that he is by a primeval forest hindurchgekommen, this refers to the fact that he has overcome those elements in his life to which he has not approached because of fear earlier. If the dreaming does not order the information which he takes up, his mind can neglect to a 'jungle of information'.


A primeval forest can symbolise spiritual chaos because of his unpredictability.



  • you do not know a lot in own matters any more.

(European ones).:

  • are in one: the life resembles a chaos and, therefore, must fight through heavy fights.


  • must live in it: bitter days about you will come.
(See also tree, predator, to wood) Primeval world


(European ones).:

  • means: Shine, splendour etc. as a result of an inheritance.

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