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Association: - Let go, mostly from emotions, - fury, - shame about shown emotions. Question: - Which feelings clear for me? Who should piss off?

In general:

The dreaming suffers from the tensions of his soul and urgently looks for relief. Urine can also symbolise sexual sensation. Primitive races use urine always as a remedy. Meanwhile curative effect is ascribed to the urine also with us.


Like the excrement the urine is no negative vision, rather urinating stands generally - provided that it does not walk along with bed-wetting in the sleep - for a sexual tension state in the awake life. Besides, it can absolutely be from a mental or spiritual conception of a suggestion to fertile activity the speech. Like all the other body secretions the urine is also valid as a magic substance, he was used with the primitive races by the shamans and witch doctors to the healing.


It dreamt somebody, he pulls up in an association and a brotherhood in the presence of the association comrades his garment and pisses everybody single in. He was expelled like a disgraceful from the brotherhood. (A Greek family was not only a juridical unity, but also a cult community, - they was in the common cult of Zeus Phratrios also a part of a 'brotherhood' (Phratrie). This met in the change with a 'brother' and the interpretation from common cash was denied.) Then it is only right that the people who behave like drunkenlies are hated and are put before the door. It dreamt to one, he pisses in the middle of the theatre and in the midst of the national amount. Of course he offended against custom and order, - then he expressed his contempt towards the spectators. For the ruling against it it is not bad if they dream that they slight her subordinates.



  • of letting of the emperors of waters in a glass vessel, he will get involved with a not befitting social standing woman, sleep with them and generate a child, however, this will die before the birth, - a my husband will marry a woman who is often ill and lives not long.
  • leave: Relief in the business,
  • drink: Healing of an illness,
  • cloudily: Care before danger.

(European ones).:

  • if not as an easier physiological discharge dream, then sexually, but quite complicatedly to understand,
  • see: one becomes dull because of the bad health for his friends and not satisfactory,
  • leave: if regaining the health indicates by the use of a Hausmittels, - means relief of a situation, - a sign is for Glücklosigkeit and bad times in the matter of love,
  • leave in the bed: one must practice abstinence,
  • drink: one will attain health,
  • see an Urinal: there is a lot of excitement with at home.


  • see: Loss in the business,
  • see murky: Illness,
  • on the street see: think of the honesty,
  • drink: you will recover from an illness,
  • leave: you would be able quite wide his with your studies if you did not deal with silly matters,
  • bury: you think other are fools and only you alone is the cleverer,
  • hineintreten: you have an unexpected luck,
  • smell: what you have lost till present, you will suddenly receive by an astonishing profit again,
  • are splashed with it: you can hope for quick good news which concerns your new occupation.
(See also excrements,' body ',' excrement ',' seed ',' saliva')

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