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Abnormality stands in the dream ordinarily for something what one holds instinctively for wrong or not particularly well-balanced. The deliberate perception of abnormality makes the dreaming deal with areas of life which are not in such a way as he would have them with pleasure. If it concerns something unusual in terms of extremely - for example, an unusual feeling or noise, the attention on the stranger should been concentrated in it. For example, a person on a burial could laugh in the dream. This would be meant that the dreaming must deal very carefully with which feelings he looks after for this person. To dream of a dwarf or a giant, can mean that the attention is drawn to certain points which deal something by size or deformation. In the life of the dreaming exists something which is maybe too big for him.


The unusual or stranger owns as a rule magic forces or magic abilities.



  • monotony whether the abnormality positively or is negative pleasing or frightening: From the norms of the reality of divergent, for example,
»pinnate woman« (Hafis), announces the quick and astonishing solution of a problem. The stronger the divergence of the norm, the earlier and more unexpectedly the problem frees itself. (See also giant, dwarf)

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