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Association: - Means to the investigation of unaware or emotional states. Question: - Which feelings is I to be looked more exactly ready?

In general:

A submarine points in dreams to the emotional depth which the dreaming can reach. As a rule the person dedicates more attention than the spiritual heights to the unaware depths. If her submarine hit leaky, this dream is a warning.


If the dreaming with himself should feel fine, he must understand his unaware needs. Because any fear can exist - and in some cases the need for protection - the submarine is a very useful picture.


The dream of a submarine points to a spiritual need to penetrate deeper into own emotions.


(European ones).:

  • an indiscretion committed in the past will become known and influence the life negatively, - also: To be able to master the difficulties in which one is, one must look at them from another point of view from. This will make clear a lot and also ease.
  • are in one: one will reveal unintentionally disconcerting news.
(See also boat, ship, diving,' submarine')

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