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Unterclothing (petticoat)

In general:

Underwear (shirt, trousers, rock) symbolises often unaware influence on own behaviour which one should make consciously and understand. Sexual needs often also, however, appear in it.


The 'inexpressible' are the fear in man's dreams, itself in the society do not decide enough to be able to give, to make itself maybe even ridiculous.


(European ones).:

  • of a woman: indicates at unexpected luck in the love,
  • see petticoat: one will experience intimacies.


  • carry: Disgrace and mockery come about you,
  • knows: you will come to a rare pleasure,
  • tore: you neglect a thing,
  • petticoat: Quarrel among women.
(See also colours, dress, nakedness, petticoat - to women's dreams covered)

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