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Association: - Uniformity. Question: - Where in my life I would like to have with other a little bit commonly? At which place would like I to break through the rules?

In general:

This shows to plays uniforms in the dream a role, that the dreaming identifies with a certain role or a certain authority. So largely his opposition mind may also be, nevertheless, a part of itself must go with the ideals and convictions of the social group to which he belongs correspondent. The picture which the dreaming of himself comes along in uniform confirms this feeling of the affiliation. The uniform is also a symbol of the order. The man who dreams of uniforms should ask himself, to what extent this order in his life is absent. Since, nevertheless, quite obviously he does not feel so probably in a thing which is just not in order.


The uniform is always working clothes which dress the bearer in certain functions and qualities. If carries a person who does not appear in the reality in uniform, in the dream one, this is a Persona symbol, so a tip to how the dreaming would like to be seen with pleasure by his environment. Uniforms are mostly tips to validity striving, power avarice, successful striving and wish for selfconfirmation. But also excessive adaptation can be shown with it. This garment can point to a certain monotony, also on the everlasting egalitarianism from which we would like to seclude ourselves. If the dream uniform badly sits, one is afraid in the awake life maybe, to herself gehenzulassen, - she well sits, this is the proof of a carried too far self-confidence of the dreamer. Often must be earned the right to carry the uniform of a certain group. If the dreaming dreams of the affiliation to a uniformed group, this means that he has acquired the right on recognition to himself.


Recognising a common spiritual aim and the arrangement of 'uniform' behaviour is an important aspect of the spiritual development.



  • see: warns about delusive light,
  • own or carry: high dignity receives, - also: one wants to seem more than one is. also: you will get respect,
  • see themselves or other in it: do not strive for wrong shine, - vanity and validity striving should be restrained.

(European ones).:

  • reminder to own discipline, - a disguising, - signals a chance for transportation,
  • see: one is liked with the other gender, - one has high-powered friends who help for one with the fulfilment of the wishes,
  • pull: if fame and honouring,
  • promises
  • carry: on somebody to make impression, will not succeed,
  • people with strange uniforms see: by the forces which one cannot influence friendship relations or family relations,
  • break
  • looks a friend or relative in uniform sadly, or he is a soldier even: if bad luck or longer absence,
  • promises
  • carry for men, one: in the life a certain order is absent, - he does not feel probably in a matter which is not in order,
  • of A young woman who carries a uniform in the dream is predicted that she will turn her favour to a man who appreciating this and thanks with love. If she files, nevertheless, the uniform, it brings on by her adventurousness a scandal.


  • see: Would become and respect, - fame and honour,
  • carry: you are too haughty, - you are futile.
(See also dress, clothes, 'the military', 'soldier')

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