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In general:

Immobility in the dream can be extremely fear-exciting. This feeling often appears if the dreaming wants to bring more about himself in experience. Distress and paralysis refer as a rule to the fact that the dreaming must sit still in his normal everyday life and be motionless.


If the dreaming cannot move in his dream, this normally refers to the fact that he has created round himself conditions which get to him now to the disadvantage. He must remain absolutely motionless as long as, until he has decided, like the new, adequate behaviour should look. Such dreams appear if the dreaming deals with his dark side. The dreaming must undertake supernatural strains to overcome what presses down him.


At the spiritual level immobility in the dream symbolises unreserved being, relieved. Immobility amounts in this connection of a dynamic motionlessness.



  • you should bring more swing in your business.


  • be: you must show more firmness.
(See also 'paralysis')

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