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Ball (dance) / ballroom


The dance party in the dream also allows to visit for the awake life joy and cheerfulness expect. The ball is often valid as a tip of the unconscious of making more from his life of dealing more extensively with his environment. This symbol for cultured pleasure in the big style expresses often also the wish for recognition, admiration or after social rise. One would like to become before the eyes more different the centre and 'brilliantly standing there' (= an evening dress etc.) - sometimes also within a respect.



  • are present at one: indicates at special luck,
  • visit: it become big pleasure, big pleasure take,
  • enter ballroom: Several love affairs stand before the door. The right decision is difficult.
  • (pleasure) see: you will be soon present at an engagement or wedding,
  • on a dancing: Engagement and wedding.

(European ones).:

  • points to a shining future, - pleasure finds,
  • of fully dancing people: if luck,
  • promises
  • an empty ballroom: if a disappointment announces,
  • besides,
  • one enjoys himself: Esteem and luck of sides of the others,
  • one does not enjoy himself: one will become the object of the clap,
  • dance on it: you have very good views, - quick engagement,
  • see themselves among the dancers: advantageous news reaches you,
  • see dance others and having a good time: a long-preserved wish will not come true.
(See also ballet, dance)

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