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Unauthorized entrance

In general:

In the dream unauthorizedly a certain area maybe tells to enter that the dreaming penetrates into the personal area of another person. On the other hand, the vision can be a tip that the dreaming owns an intimate area which he must protect against 'unauthorized intruders'. Such borders should be respected.


If it concerns the intimate area of the dreaming in whom becomes unauthorizedly penetrated, then he should better look after the protection of his borders. It is sometimes interesting to consider with the interpretation of such a dream whether the intruder has ventured voluntarily or involuntarily in the 'forbidden garden'. Only after the purification of this question it is possible to decide whether the dreaming has really become a victim of an infringement.


At the spiritual level the dreaming possibly approaches fields of knowledge to which he may have no admission without special permission.


(European ones).:

  • stay on a property illegally: one feels drawn very strongly to somebody who is already married, - there is the highest danger for this friendship, - this is a warning.

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