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Move (festival move)

In general:

If one dreams of a move, either the present living conditions or the setting to the life change.


If one has dreamt of having waited squeezed in an amount for a move / pageant: who was or what in this train? The meaning of this symbol for which it could stand, can refer on a little bit or somebody for whom own admiration is valid (or on what the thing or the people represent). If one himself was with in the train and was cheered, one is maybe owned by an idea for which one would like to demand attention.


(European ones).:

  • stands for the fear that the expectations are disappointed,
  • a funeral cortege: it expects to a grief which will throw her shades on the pleasure,
  • a torch train see or in it take part: one will take part in jollities and curtail thereby the salaries.

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