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Move (flat)

Association: - new life, - a new beginning. Question: - What lies before me? What is I to be left behind ready?

In general:

One understands move traditionally as the internal restlessness which is due to feelings of guilt. Sometimes he also asks to change his plans and intentions because they are not to be realised in the instantaneous form.


The move in the dream which does not point to actual changing clothes in the awake life describes our feeling that we do not feel fine in our instantaneous sphere of activity any more so surely. We should consider how we can undertake a little bit against it. The move from a narrow flat in a bigger or in a house means that we would want from our momentary narrowness herausflüchten and this narrowness can especially also point to psychic or spiritual.



  • your life will be indefatigable wandering about, - also: one has to count on a change of his present living conditions or also his setting to the life, - also: Quarrel and annoyance with the neighbours,

(European ones).:

  • is valid for restlessness and unstableness, annoyance, frustration and expenditures,
  • are included, on this occasion
  • make: one will be made by an event change completely certain arrangements for the next future,
  • see how own pieces of furniture are transported by one in the other house: it is no good omen, - nevertheless, everything is furnished again comfortably, everything becomes good again.


  • see: you find no rest because your conscience is not pure.
(See also narrowness,