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Association: - Time planning, - measure. Question: - How much time do I have? What comes to an end?

In general:

The symbol of the clock always illustrates transitoriness, unstableness and advancement. If it particularly appears in the dream, it would like to draw the attention of the dreaming to use his time well and to seize offering chances to themselves to him. If this looks in the dream constantly at the clock, he fears not to be able to fulfil his duties sachgemäß and feels from the expectations put to him overtaxed. If one hears in the dream a clock ticking, one should take care of a logical fulfilment of his duties. If she breaks in the dream, fateful times approach. The golden clock can warn about deceptions and deception.


If in the dream a clock appears, the dreaming is drawn the attention to the fact that the time passes. Maybe he must stronger deal with his time planning or with his duties, - maybe he should also recognise that there a certain urgency is with that what he does. If the clock stands, a life phase comes to an end. Often it is in the dream the life clock and translates the fear that the life could pass too fast: One pays attention to the pointers which time of day they indicate to find out further details. If it is shortly before twelve, the unconscious announces, for example that a matter which just maybe stands in a queue must be done immediately. It can concern of course also periods of life which are indicated from the clock in the dream. In a dream of a clock the hands could indicate at the figures which are important for the dreaming. If in the dream an alarm clock rings, the dreaming is warned about a danger. Pay attention to whether the clock indicates the right time or goes forward or follows (one often has in the dream for it a feeling). Stopped watches often refer to the fact that one should take a break.
  • wristwatch: The wristwatch makes clear in the dream, so to speak, the time which one carries around with himself. This dream symbol is a widespread symbol for the inward-looking pressure of time.
  • station clock: The dream symbol station clock indicates that one is on the move always and feels so rushed. One also points to the fact that it is high time for a necessary change.
  • digital clock: The digital clock is the technical clock which refers in the dream to a maladjusted setting at the moment. One does not experience the time expiry more than one process.
  • egg timer: The egg timer refers in the dream on small periods. This may be a tip to the fact that one should plan his time more exactly, so in smaller segments.
  • church clock: The church clock is the big clock which owns from the steeple from the overview and controls the life of the inhabitants. Herewith at the same time it is expelled to the spirituality and with it to the internal rhythm. This dream symbol always appears when should be expelled to the discrepancy between from the outside certain time and internal rhythm.
  • pendulum clock: With the pendulum clock it is expelled in the dream mostly to the rash of the pendulum. This dream symbol registers that it goes up and down.
  • hourglass: The hourglass mostly refers in the dream to the 'good, old time'.
  • wall clock: The wall clock is covered in her symbolism in the dream to the space in which she is right. She controls the time in this space with which an internal space or area of the dreamer is demanded.
  • alarm clock: As a result the alarm clock or the wake-up clock indicates as a dream symbol almost always that, finally, one should awake. That is the fact that one should go with more consciousness by his life. This is the fight against the sleep in senses of Gurdjieff.


At the spiritual level a clock symbolises the knowledge of age and time.


The clock means actions, enterprises, movements and starting of shops: They accomplish everything namely what the people do in view of the hours. Therefore, it feels sick and catastrophically particularly for sick people if a clock collapses or breaks. Always it is better to count the hours before the midday than after the same.



  • see: you should not be unpunctual,
  • see a big one: indicates at a scarcely limited time,
  • of gold: you will have envious person,
  • shortly before Twelve: one will feel put before an important decision,
  • the big pointer walks around fast the figure sheet: one is discontented with the present course of the life,
  • get as a gift: recover from an illness,
  • hear hitting: Punctuality is to you very much anzuempfehlen,
  • gather: you will be reminded of the fulfilment of your promise, - also: one gives you one more term, - also: a new period of life has begun,
  • shift: you are in love and have a date,
  • put back: push out an important thing no longer,
  • stops: a big fright meets you,
  • stopped ones: you will miss the best moment for the implementation of your intention,
  • drop: Illness and grief,

(European ones).:

  • symbol for the fear that the life passes by too fast - is also valid as a reminder of using the time wise ones,
  • hear hitting: one stands before an important decision in the life,
  • see: if approaching a determining hour tells in,
  • see a stopped one: if an unexpected end of a state or a close acquaintance registers,
  • shortly before twelve: now one will be put before an important decision and should not hesitate,
  • the big pointer runs too fast: one is very discontented with the present life,
  • gather: now a new period of life begins.


  • gather: you will find a good admission, - rendezvous,
  • golden ones: one has the intention to rob you,
  • break: one will despise you,
  • hear hitting: Time is for you money,
  • stopped ones: a death in the distance.
(See also figures, time, single time of day)

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