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In general:

Shore can show the border between consciousness and unconscious, - this asks to investigate himself. Sometimes it also points out to the fact that one must make decisions on the other life, after one has already reached new shores. If a dreaming stays in the dream on the shore of a river, he is afraid either of possible developments or would like to know himself as long as possible in security, because to him is aware that this state will last not forever. If he is on the shore of a lake or sea, he may look calmly in the future.


The shores are dream symbols which point to the controlling mind. The water, so the feeling world, is dammed by the shores and is adjusted. The state of the shores in connection with that of the water give explanation about the relation between mind and feelings of the dreaming, between consciousness and subconsciousness. Unfavorable pictures are, on this occasion, concreted as well as flooded and marshy shores. If the shores have grown in the dream, however, of course and stand firm to the water, this is to be interpreted positively. In the dream it is often the saving shore on which one can rest from his strain and meet glad people. If the shores are flooded, one is brought down in the awake life in a fatal situation.



  • see: uncertain longing,
  • go for a walk in it: by your behaviour your wish will never come true,
  • see themselves in one: concludes by a forthcoming change of the situation and feeling situation. One will have to adapt himself very much, because on the present way it does not go on.

(European ones).:

  • conversion in the life, - one hesitates which direction one should smash,
  • or strand pace up and down: indicates at the achievement of an aim,
  • on a brook shore or riverside be: tells glad hours in which flow along, nevertheless, fast, although one would like to hold on them with pleasure,
  • one run along: one will have to get through a tiresome fight to reach to higher, - however, finally, one is recompensed appropriately,
  • one drive down: one will be tormented by difficulties and misfortune, - one continues his journey without obstructive incidents: is able to do one problems in advantages ummünzen,
  • ride on a horse along a shore: one will concern all obstacles on the way to prosperity and luck intrepidly and overcome,


  • see: you will go on a longer trip,
  • rest in it: contented life,
  • walk in it: Longing for the distance.
(See also 'river', 'flood' and under the names for the waters which have a shore)

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