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The supernatural


Even the most prosaic and most materialist people dream now and then of supernatural beings or incidents. These dreams can be disconcerting if we do not accept them as metaphors for events or feelings in our awake life. Nevertheless, there are no proofs of the fact that they really deal something with supernatural things, even if media inclined people sometimes maintain this. Deep-religious people react to dreams in which the religion or religious symbols play a role, differently than people without faith. In almost every religion there is an old tradition of dreams as messages of a supernatural power. Many people are bent maybe also even today to accept dreams in which religious symbols or the founders of the faith appear direct instructions of this power. For everybody which have become big in a certain faith it is likely that the dream instructs them or urges to act in the harmony with the morality apprenticeship of this faith. Still it is with these people - and to examine certainly also with neophytes, because they could be due rather to desirable fulfilment or convictions according to feeling than from religious principles. These dreams probably send a reminder to look at a problem of the awake life in the light of the faith. A dream of a religious symbol, like cross or crucifix, could urge to you to consider the spiritual element in your life, or (according to context) point to an area of life with which you argue morally. An angel or devil in the dream probably deals nothing with religion, but with the good or bad instincts. His behaviour in the dream - as an admonisher or tempter - certainly refers to a recently made or forthcoming decision or action of the Wach-Ichs. He (the internal voice) says hardly directly what it holds of one or wants to hold from one, - nevertheless, other dream symbols clarify this. Magic or supernatural in the dream that turns out as the work of a magician or a magician should be interpreted as a warning. In the awake life some things could differently lie than it seems. Who tries to be deceptive to one? Look in the dream for tips to the identity of the magician. Or are you the magician who applies his tricks in the dream? If so, does the dream reflect uneasiness or fear because of a running project or negotiations which is based or more on your talent than on firm facts? (See also Christ, Engel, magic, religion, devil, magic)

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