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Baldachin (splendour sky, Traghimmel)


The head is the seat of the mind, and this is protected by the baldachin. Therefore, the baldachin symbolises in the positive the wish for protection, marking or allowance. In days of yore a baldachin was used to protect people in high offices, so, for example, kings or priests, against the sun and the weather. At a deeper level the dreaming still claims this privilege. The dreaming itself in the dream under a baldachin sees, knows around his potential for big achievements. If one himself sits under it, he promises more respect and honour. If one carries him, this can contain a warning because one is maybe used by others and helps them to respect and success (this can apply above all in the professional area). However, the baldachin can also cut off in the negative the dreaming of the access to higher ideals and sighting.


The baldachin can stand in connection with a special symbol for spiritual protection.



  • see: Hope, - you have somebody powerful figures who will rush to the aid supporting.
  • stand under one: Honour of all kind.

(European ones).:

  • worries cannot be scared away easily, but invisible assistants will provide assistance, so that the domestic luck remains protected.


  • honour and respect approach.

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