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In general:

Raid should warn after Old-Indian apprenticeship about pursuit by others. In general he points to unaware feelings, wishes and similar contents which suddenly break through in the consciousness. A man who dreams over and over again of a raid on a woman or even of a rape could have a deep-rooted sexual problem which requires professional treatment. A single dream of such kind, however, immediately whether he has sexual or general power to the object is not serious and even quite frequent. He expresses strong (even if unaware) the feelings which can be due to a sexual refusal (if the dream of sexual nature is) or from quite general exclusion. It is also conceivable that the dreamer is envious of the charm of the woman, on her beauty, her social role, and, therefore, she would like to degrade, consciously or unconsciously. The female component in the man is receptive to such criticism from the unconscious.


By a raid in the dreamscape our nerves in the awake life mostly take damage. Then often we could not take the stress of the everyday life properly and are on the best way to spin.



  • are attacked: you proceed needlessly in menacing relations, - also: Danger by failures if one does not arm himself on time against infringements from the outside and protects his privacy as good as possible, - also: in close future one has to count on difficulties by power-mad and selfish people,
  • somebody: you seize to the defence of the adversities the wrong means, - one should be more modest and act more well-thought-out. also: you are not prepared for news.

(European ones).:

  • breakthrough of strange wishes, - often only nightmare, - interruption of a deliberate trip,
  • are attacked: Plans and plans will fail.


  • one will pursue you,
  • see: you will receive bad news.

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