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In general:

Can become cross register that one comes to an embarrassment (also financially). If one crosses somebody, warns about inattentiveness. If a man dreams that he will cross, he is afraid to be pushed in the sexual area too much in the passive role. If one crosses of a train, a car or a machine, one has himself in life situations hineingewagt to which one has not grown.


Who will cross in the dream, suffers only psychic injuries in the awake life, - sometimes, however, one feels also properly cross from people who would like to put one under trusteeship (guardianship, guardianship).



  • become: your carelessness will put out you to dangers, - also: one will be able to reckon on coming out of a disagreeable situation healthy. However, one is also warned against not crossing other with his plans and intentions. It will be good to prepare for all eventualities.
  • see crossing themselves from train or machine: one has not grown to the situation,
  • something: you have blessing in disguise.

(European ones).:

  • become: if the rescue from a danger promises, - also, one is brought by somebody in a bad embarrassment,
  • even somebody: you will saddle costs with yourself by inattentiveness.

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