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Association: - quick movement by the empire of the unconscious. Question: - Which strong internal impulses can I consciously use?

In general:

This symbol is to be understood as streetcar. Underground stands for the influence of the unconscious on the life direction. If one drives in the dream underground, one pursues with interest the developments which come from the unconscious.


The quick journey (in community with other) by tunnel shafts describes (after C. G. Jung) a 'hasty' meeting with the (collective) unconscious. One is confronted for a short moment with a psychic state of emergency - and also sees 'the light at the end of the Tunnels' to climb up again in the real areas of the deliberate. Bewilderingly? A dream!


(European ones).:

  • see or in it go: in a thing one will come to quite an other result than one has thought or has wished, - also: indicates many problems, - these will mix up emotional and psychological, - points to loss, misfortune and worries in a peculiar speculation,
  • get stuck between two stops: if a lot of patience and circumspection stands for a moral dilemma, - one required, before one can solve the situation.
(See also subsoil)

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