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medicine wheel:

Key words: Quickness, - song, - peace, - love. Description: Field pigeons, seem everywhere in the world. Pigeons are birds with very strong wings which cause a clearly perceptible noise with the aviation, - they reach a speed from up to 60 kilometres per hour. They live on punches and, hence, need once a day a large amount of water to be able to digest the punches. Some Indians thought that pigeons can help to call the rain. Soft cooing of the pigeons has brought them in connection with peace and love. To best known ones are the rock pigeon and house pigeon. In America the funereal pigeon is the farthest widespread wild pigeon race. General meaning: Softness, - severity, - peace, - relations, - interest in the love. Association: Dear couples. Transcendent meaning: Gift of the peace, - understanding of the strength which it requires to retain integrity a peaceful world view.



  • see, catch or own: you will have a lot of luck in the love.

(European ones).:

  • permanence in the love, - you maintain hearty relations.


  • see: for Mr and Mrs Kindersegen, for unmarried loyalty.
(See also field pigeons, pigeons)

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