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Association: - to higher sighting reach, - Climb up, - sometimes also isolation. Question: - At which achievement do I aim or do I fear?

In general:

The tower in the dream represents the protective mechanism which the dreaming to himself has established for usual in the course of his life. This can concern an internal setting as well as external living conditions. Tower indicates a great success after which one may not be in high spirits, however. Also the striving for respect often appears in it. The collapsing tower warns about failures, the tower guard before obstacles which lead to a disappointment.


This high house circumscribes the firmness to resist with which we attempts above all in mental-spiritual respect. The tower in the dream can seem at first far away and then get closer bit by bit. It is important as the dreaming reaches in the inside of the tower. If it is easy for him, his inside is also probably easy to investigate. If he does himself with the access hard, this could be a tip to his reserve. Is barricaded the Türe, the dreaming is not ready yet to investigate his subconsciousness. Indicates to dream of a tower without door that he cannot step with his most internal Even in contact. A tower without window shows that the dreaming is not able to see his external good qualities or his internal characteristic features and to accept. The ivory tower embodies innocent approaches. A square tower means the practical conversion of the life, while a round tower goes more in the direction of spiritual level. A round tower at the end of a square building is the combination of practical and spiritual. If in the tower darkness rules, the dreaming is afraid still of his unconscious. From the height of a tower one has more overview. If the dreaming rises during the dream action on a tower, this is a sign for his striving for knowledge. He wants to get from the tower from more foresight. Who looks down of the point of the tower, for that sky-attacking plans can possibly come true, - however, also here the unconscious puts a warning sign: Who has high risen, can fall even deeper if him the bad neighbour pushes possibly hinterrücks. A fall of the height of the tower sometimes tells of the danger not to pass a check or to fail quite simply in responsible activity in the occupation. If the tower is a ruin, can point to our compliance in spite of better knowledge. If Freudians see the tower as a gigantic phallic symbol, this is exaggerated as tremendously, - we hold this interpretation even for distinct wrong.


At the spiritual level the tower shows a certain ambivalence. On the one hand he embodies, because he offers protection, on the other hand, he shows the feminine, on account of his form the Maskuline. He stands for the rise to the spiritual level or for a conversion into the practise. It is an artificial axis between sky and earth.



  • big: indicates at advantageous views, - one plans an enterprise which will succeed if one takes care enough, - also: you want to get out too high,
  • smaller: your relations will not change,
  • see building one: you will carry with big plans,
  • see occurring: your hopes will be thwarted by opponents,
  • mount: you have received a difficult job,
  • mount and on top come: Advantages,
  • stand on one: it is at hand a pleasing future in which we are unassailable.

(European ones).:

  • see: announced big enterprises with big success, - one strives for higher,
  • go up: the higher one rises, the greater the loss,
  • stand on one: one could soon reach a pleasing position on which one is unassailable,
  • see collapsing: warns about stubborness and high spirits, - an expected big throw will miss, - an expected wish will not come true,
  • with the descent collapsing: hopes are disappointed,
  • in one be, all the same by which height: The business plans are connected with big risks. One thinks over them anew.
  • for woman, - a high one see: Expression of a positive setting to the male sexuality,
  • for woman, in one be enclosed: if points a disturbed relation to the male sexuality.


  • see: you want to get out higher and higher,
  • mount: you should fix only your shops and then think of other things,
  • see collapsing: you are robbed to your freedom,
  • decorates: you will overcome your difficulties everybody.
(See also castle,' building ',' castle')

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