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Turquoise (colour)

medicine wheel:

Key words: Curative, - connecting, - compensatory, - moon of the big hoist. Description: Turquoise is the colour totem in the moon of the big hoist (from the 19th of February to the 20th of March) to Born ones in the medicine wheel. The sky often changes colour to turquoise, particularly about wild areas or with Sonnenauf-or setting. Turquoise is a splendid mixture of blue and green which works generally curative on the eyes as well as on the soul. There is a mineral in this colour which is called even after her. General meaning: Healing by a new connection with the energy of the sky, - a recollection of it to direct the look more often against the sky. Association: See turquoise (mineral). Transcendent meaning: Your harmony with the creation empire with which you just work. (See also 'turquoise (mineral')

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