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  • Dreaming one, he carries a turban, he will dress a high military rank according to the length of the Umwindungen of the turban.
  • Being this from Chasdion, he will come to bigger wealth, if of silk, to lower one.
  • Solving to itself the turban on his head, luck and success will be overshadowed by bad and loss, he falls down, he will lose his rank.
  • this will take over
  • Snatching to him a friend the turban, by force or for violent desire, his rank and possession, - it is a stranger, an enemy will come in his Instead of.
  • Dreaming to one, the turban is of cotton or sheep's wool, his respect and his rank will be lower, - he is of yellow colour, he will fall ill, also die maybe because the turban on the head sits.
  • Being he of another colour, every face comes true according to the meaning which has in each case the concerning colour.
  • Dreaming of the emperors, he sits up a turban, points on a concubine according to his desire and the colour of the turban, - this is white, she will be beautiful, if red, to him give the biggest pleasure, if purple, are raised by him maybe in the state of Augusta.
  • Why you want to seem different than you are

(European ones).:

  • announces to you good advice, in the own as well as in the interest more different.

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