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Stressed 'up to falling down' are people who dream of a stretcher - central issue, finally, one may be passive once and lie there only and the other people allow to be - also to own support and 'rescue'. Quite a typical exhaustion dream. To understand only in special connections as a nightmare, e.g. if one sees lying a being close person who really has an extremely danderous illness on a stretcher. Something which is carried to one and the stretcher or the bier needs on no account to contain unfavorable. The corresponding is to be picked out from other symbols. Often it can also concern a joyful event. Merely the empty stretcher circumscribes a mental crisis, maybe also the emptiness of a respect.



  • of a dead person see: Death, - you must bury your hopes and begin anew, - also: Inheritance,
  • lie on it: a pleasant change (symbolic contrast!),
  • another see lying on it: a case of illness in the next surroundings will enter,
  • to carry from objects: good views, - something new is brought.

(European ones).:

  • see: Portents of death news and inheritance, - also: something new is brought, - one should not be sure of his success in such a way,
  • blank: if a happy event promises generally, however, this should be for bachelors and virgins of bad premeaning,
  • a blumenbekränzte stretcher in a church promises to you an unhappy marriage,
  • are brought in itself: an inheritance could soon change the life,
  • lie even on one: one feels not grown to the current situation, - one is helpless and matt, however, without any help it will be helped to one,
  • are carried even on one of others: good views of success and light progress,
  • another on one see lying: a case of illness appears in the next surroundings,
  • carry themselves one: one will be able to save in an unhappy situation just still this what is to be saved, - one is asked to help friends from which one himself will derive benefit.


  • see: rather than you thinks, you will have to register in all your works success,
  • on her lie: Advantages in all your enterprises approach you,
  • carry: by the service in your friends you will have profit,
  • are carried on it: View of coming up.
(See also Tragbahre)

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