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medicine wheel:

Key words: Earth rhythm, - heartbeat, - connection with the earth, - healing, - centring, - strength. Description: The drum, a rhythm instrument, exists of a cylinder about which in one or at both ends a membrane is curious. This instrument which is played either with the hand, with floors or sometimes with bone was for the trunks close to the earth of central meaning. The rhythm of the drum is equated with the rhythm of the mother earth and can support people to find again the harmony with her own heartbeat. Moreover, many people close to the earth used the drum to cause a trance state. General meaning: Become acquainted itself, - attain more strength, - knowledge about the deep earth energy, - knowledge about your own deep emotional nature. Association: Eardrum, - hearing, - non-hearing. Transcendent meaning: Support in it, deeper in the dream state hineinzugelangen, - healing by music, - deep understanding of the universal energy.

In general:

The drum has a similar meaning like the trumpet or the washbasin in the dream. However, it is brought as a rule rather with news or the attempt to let march other in the marching in step, in connection. If one announces to the world nothing or did not like to attract the attention more different, the dream maybe expresses the wish to swear somebody to own position. If one himself marches to the drum, this could mean that it is important to live as an individual and not as 'one in the mass' to hold, but also step with own hopes and wishes. If the dreaming hears a drum in his dream, this refers to the basic rhythm which he needs to be healthy physically and emotionally. He must stronger be in the harmony with his natural rhythm and his original needs. If the dreaming himself drums, this symbolises that he takes over the responsibility for his life rhythm. Drum can be understood like pulse or announce important news. If one himself drums, one wants to attract too much attention and thereby makes itself before others slightly ridiculous.


It hammers by our sleep, is a part of nightmares after which we wake completely exhaustedly. If we should give the reason, why we have been afraid of the drumbeats, we will find nobody - it simply was in such a way. The sound gives important news in the consciousness only to few people, it costs most quite simply nerves. After the newest American researches to wise drum dreams if they are dreamt at several nights one after the other, on disturbances of the nervous system there. The dreaming searches in the experiment with the rhythm a more natural form of expression. The drum in the dream is a tip that he has the control of the rhythm and the sounds in his life. Particularly if he drums in a group with others together, this refers to his ability to take part efficiently in the life.


At the spiritual level the drum stands for sound, divine truth and revelation.



  • see: Widerwärtigkeiten experience (36, - 68), - also: a news burns on your tongue,
  • hear: in noisy Zänkerei get, - also: news receive, - also: Danger,
  • hit: Disputes cause, - also: you load many friends to guest,
  • drummer: you find out an important news.


  • a good omen: To hear drums, good news announces. In the dream says to drum that secure, carefree and times joyful hence begin. In any case, the dreaming should aim at a good relation to his people, because the social exchange is more important for him than he sometimes thinks.

(European ones).:

  • indicates fear, worries or a small loss by the cleverness more different,
  • see or hear: if brings thrilling news, - also: the next time brings many joyless events and big restlessness with itself,
  • hear subdued sound of a drum: points to a benevolent character, - she promises to sailors, farmers and traders prosperity,
  • hit: one wants to attract the attention more different what succeeds, however, only without or with contrary success, - also excitement of unnecessary or undesirable sensation.


  • hear: Danger of fire in the place or in the surroundings.
  • hit: you will damage to you by garrulity,
(See also music instruments, Rassel)

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