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Railway station


Railway station stands for movement which comes to the life, or sends a reminder to more own activity. It is as it were the switch station in our life to something new and appears almost always in connection with a situation-conditioned or age-conditioned change of the dreaming. Deep-psychologically the unconscious which wants to help us in the awake state not to miss the right train. Our life train stands in the railway station, - in important cases it is a mighty terminal station or central railway station, with big, dim line halls. Such railway stations are the most important dream buildings, they are a source place for our different life enterprises, - because all life begins in the unconscious. The often mentioned, überpersönliche authority which directs our destiny the railway station board of directors appears, road inspector with golden-bordered cap, - we have decided on the trip, this does not determine, we what should happen. Whether the next trip well runs, is to be interpreted only from other dream symbols. The dreams which act from railway stations are very frequent. On this occasion, it is uninterested whether it concerns iron railway stations, flight railway stations or coach stations. Many little things are important for the interpretation of the dream, thus e.g. whether the dreaming comes too late which has forgotten ticket or gets into the wrong train. These circumstances are to be taken almost always literally. The following meanings are possible according to the accompanying circumstances:
  • Being the railway station brightly, friendly and he is right expectantly, then we will have to a new period of life, to new sighting open, new experiences, other people get to know and collect new experiences and knowledge.
  • entrance we the railway station is late only reluctantly, halting, breathlessly, there is not enough determination and assurance to leave behind the old person and to believe in the new. One should develop more confidence.
  • railway station can see to indicate from the outside that a new period of life begins favourably.
  • resignation take in the railway station often registers a separation of another person after which one must orientate himself in the life anew.
  • in the railway station up and down go shows that one waits for something which will cause a change in the life, maybe an important answer of an authority.
  • one goes out from the railway station, can warn the unconscious because one has pushed a decision on the long bank.
  • of The stationmasters or the man with the red cap who determines the departure of the trains puts in the dream mostly the living conditions one change in the life of the dreaming force.
  • a railway station in the dream announces that an important decision approaches. The more trains come and set off, the more voices want to influence from the outside to one. One pays attention alone to his internal voice.


The railway station always announces a change in the life or in the interpersonal relations.



  • in general: Signs of a new period of life, a new enterprise which should be begun only with firm decisions then, however, very favourably run, - (30, 83)
  • see: unexpected visit receive,
  • to themselves on one see coming: a decision to which one has brought will turn out right,
  • go to the railway station: you will change,
  • are in it: you undertake a trip,
  • in the railway station stand: There comes the visit which you expect for a long time.
  • of the railway station leave: one will suffer loss.

(European ones).:

  • indicates unexpected visit, - new enterprise, new period of life, - firm, fresh decision,
  • see before himself: in the life a change enters,
  • want to the railway station, but the way is obstructed: some obstacles are still to be overcome, to changes are possible,
  • within a railway station promenade: one receives a message transmitted,
  • to themselves see coming on one: the recently felled decision was exactly right,
  • come out of such: urgent matters wait for her execution,
  • more blank: one should be very careful,
  • of full people: Stockung in the business,
  • is the railway station in the rebuilding or must search one only laboriously the right train: a planned plan is still questioned.
  • miss the train in the railway station: one has wasted a chance.


  • you will receive the visit of an official.
(See also arrival, departure, stationmaster, railway, airplane, rails, train)

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