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In general:

In the dream indicates to drink to take up something. It can play a role which kind the drink is. Fruit juice means that the dreaming has recognised his need for cleaning. Also the colour of the drink is important. Drinking stands for a strong need, a longing or violent passion which is soon fulfilled. If one drinks from a cup, the prosperity announces.


It can point to the need for consolation and care if the dreaming drinks something in his dream. As a basic need of vital importance drinking symbolises the interplay between the internal need to be supplied with of vital importance, and the external accesibility of food. The unconscious shows sharp alcoholic beverages as the narcotics which can damage to the body. Against it the drinking of clear water circumscribes a profit or a good knowledge which one coveted. If we drink with somebody from a mug, we must probably divide the profit, - is of the Mittrinkende an unpleasant person, threatens us in the awake life of slanderers danger. It is drunk from a clear spring, the luck and health or quick recovery promises us if we feel ill.


At the spiritual level drinking in the dream, above all if it concerns, besides, wine can mean the admission of divine life energy.



  • from a wooden vessel: you will be cheated,
  • of a glass: do not betray your disposition,
  • from a sound vessel: you must adapt yourself to your relations,
  • from a golden or silver mug: your situation will improve very much,
  • of a spring: one will become healthier,
  • water: your judgment is clear and right,
  • milk from a pot: one is pointed out to a simple and healthy lifestyle,
  • wine: one wants to cheat you, is careful, - also: cultivated contact and sociability,
  • schnapps: you make a bad deal, - also: Self-deception,
  • beer: you are established and hold nothing of the travelling,
  • lemonade: you deal with dull people,
  • vinegar: Disputes will remain not saved to you,
  • warm drinks: your effemination damages to your health,
  • want to drink and in it are hindered: one will not achieve his aims.

(European ones).:

  • reassuring dream, - every now and then also portent of chronic fever,
  • drink clear, fresh water: very good sign,
  • from a spring drink: now the health becomes more stable,
  • dirty or warm water: light illness, - bad sign,
  • drink wine: sociable hours with others spend,
  • drink schnapps: one inclines to the self-deception or escape from the reality, - one wants to give himself Dutch courage to himself and reaches the opposite,
  • drink milk: one should enjoy his life now healthy and simply,
  • with other people of a glass drink: If a danger registers,
  • only of a glass: Publication of secrets,
  • from a nice vessel: Freeing from a load, - means recovery or prosperity,
  • vessel of gold and silver: Luck in all enterprises,
  • from a pot: if brings poverty,
  • can be thirsty and find no water: Bad luck is indicated,
  • she will bring
  • Raising a young woman playfully her glass, to itself by flirtations socially in discredit, although she absolutely had her fun, besides. If she is not able in spite of all strains to drink clear water, it becomes a nicety which was carried to her flattering, cannot enjoy.


  • of a glass: you will be released from a load,
  • from golden vessel: you will get to know what is mercilessness.
(See also alcohol, colours, spring, drink, water and other drinks)

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