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Wedding ring

In general:

Wedding ring indicates longing for love and marriage. If one loses him, a love relationship can be endangered. Wanders, one him from the finger, warns about own infidelity.


His general meaning becomes under ring (look in there) described, however, still plays here that one can never be sure of his partner by hundred percent, the fear to lose him, perhaps. With it places Unconsciously a warning signal: One must take care over and over again anew of the (marriage) partner to be able to bind him so unloseable to himself.



  • carry for married: Love and Faithfully in the marriage,
  • carry for single: Wedding,
  • lose: a death in the marriage, - also: your marriage is only more a light, - also: quick separation.

(European ones).:

  • fear of the loss of the beloved person, - (in the dream of an unmarried):
  • see: if joy, engagement or wedding,
  • promises
  • are to the finger or carry: one will still have to wait long for an engagement or marriage,
  • of the finger move: Resolution of a relationship, - (in the dream of a married):
  • see: one is reminded of the conjugal duties and is warned about side jumps,
  • of the finger move or lose: there are domestic scenes,
  • break: Frustration, also separation.


  • agree: loyal love,
  • carry: Wedding and happy marriage,
  • lose: Annoyance.
(See also marriage, ring)

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