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Dream-I is the person in the dream with whom identifies the dreamers or female dreamers. It is the person whom one feels in the dream as himself and looks with their eyes one. With dream-I is to be looked first whether it behaves actively or passively. An active one dream-I is often a sign for the fact that one himself forms actively his life. A passive one dream-I registers that the dreamer goes unconsciously or deliberate-religious by his life and feels as fateful what happens to him. Thus one can often observe in the therapy that a passive one at the beginning dream-I changes in the course of the therapy into an active one dream-I. In rarer cases it is possible that as a result a passive one dream-I expels the dreamers or female dreamers that he or they should become quieter and not put under pressure himself with hectic activities. Further this can be shy and shy, aggressive or affectionate dream-I like any other dream person. These sensations of the Traum-Ichs can always appeal to the suitable feelings of the dreamers or female dreamers or be considered also as a recommendation - as a warning or suggestion - to express these feelings more freely and more openly. Dream-I can stand alone, right in the middle or besides if one looks at his relations with the other people. These positions to other dream people are especially meaning-containing as the technology of the family installation of the German psychologist Bert Hellinger points. Positions of the Traum-Ichs to other people: only: Dream-I appears alone and without contact with other people in the dream. This indicates more often on loneliness or independence of the dreamer there - more seldom on the fact, that he to itself more should move back and reflect his themselves. Which meaning here specifically is demanded, is clear to the dreamers or female dreamers almost always spontaneously. besides stand: If dream-I stands beside another person, is already by the spatial one Contact also an emotional contact appealed. Pay attention to whether the person, beside you stand, it is greater or smaller than you. This refers to unterfeelings or senses of superiority. behind: If dream-I stands behind another dream person, two interpretations are possible basically. Either one stands in the shade of this person, or one is the person, from the background the behaviour of the other person certainly. To the dreamers or female dreamers becomes spontaneously clear be what is meant here. right in the middle: If dream-I finds itself in the middle of a crowd of people, this may point to it, that the dreamers or female dreamers to itself more in the social and social life should add. And as with the interpretation of all dream symbols the opposite can also apply, the fact that because the dreamers or female dreamers loses itself in social activities. This Feeling that one has with this vision is able as an unequivocal key to the interpretation respectably become. If one feels good in the amount, social activities are indicated, - one feels to itself badly, I would advise against such activities. on top: If dream-I stands higher than other people, becomes on the selfrise and this Self-confidence of the dreamers or female dreamers allusive, in many cases too high or it is too low. If dream-I stands in a scenery or within a town in more raised Position, it often points to the need of a bigger overview. On top means in Dream also consciousness or intellect. below: This position of the Traum-Ichs is suitable as a lower self-confidence or than more missing To interpret overview. Below means in the dream, moreover, desires, practical talents and material ones Needs.

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