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In general:

The process of the Trauerns is very important. The person mourns not only if somebody has died, but also if a respect or a certain period of life has come to an end. Because grief is depreciated in the awake state often as inappropriate, it is shifted in the dream world, so that the dreaming can still find relief. Grief announces annoyance and frustration which last, however, only briefly.


In many cultures the grief of the subnormal is looked as an escort for the parting soul. In the dream the dreaming maybe has the feeling to help himself, besides, to form a fresh start, while he mourns for the old person. The person needs time to appear himself to the fact that he has lost something, and he must mourn for this as well as for himself.


At the spiritual level grief in the dream can be a suggestion to think anew about grief.



  • in general a good omen, - one may be glad about times of the carelessness and the sure luck,
  • feel: you are discontented with yourself,
  • mourn for a real person: one should check his respect with him thoroughly.


  • grief in the dream is a good omen: Times protect of luck and carefree cheerfulness will begin. They should enjoy unconditionally, even longer the good time will stop. In general the sign on On and from the life wants to point and remind that everything has his right time. The past is important, the future more importantly. (Woman
+ / child +)

(European ones).:

  • see carrying: if quick joy, luck and cheerfulness registers, - passing grief,
  • carry black mourning clothes: it is to evil and misfortune on,
  • carry white mourning clothes: one is on a 'spiritual way' and will carry out a new developing step,
  • carry other mourning clothes: the friends will be badly influenced, and this gives to an unexpectedly hardship and losses,
  • this dream misunderstandings and maybe even separation, means
  • for lovers
  • bereavement: News of quick marriage one or a friend.
  • memorial service: Inheritance,


  • you gets glad news.
(See also burial, dead people, Sadly, to wines)

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