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Association: - Place of the cleaning and the Loslassens. Question: - What is I to be let go ready?


The site of the cleaning, translates: the mental purification. The clear geometrical form, about one round or square bathroom (or also a bath) points to the good core which is in the dreamer. In this space one wants to escape from the everyday dirt, slip in another skin. A (dreamt) bath scene symbolises a restful process of the relaxation and cleaning. It can recommend to itself absolutely also a mental cleaning: the request to lead one longest due, clearing conversation with a partner to get rid of a strain 'to dive' together into a new well-being - what always one may also understand by it. Who releases the bathroom from refuse and dirt, before he washes, past would like to forget fast, themselves whitewash, before he begins new.



  • in it umhergehen: Disgrace and vice.

(European ones).:

  • seeing you in the bathroom white and yellow roses in a box, can become your plans of an illness crosses, - nevertheless, a longer stopping high follows this disappointment.
  • then
  • Dreaming a young woman of bathrooms, bends you too much to dissolute life and frivolous jokes.
(See also have a bath, bath, tub)

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